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Salam everyone, I have been wearing hijab for more than 10 years, I wore it even since I was 9 years old and now I am 17. As girls get older they like to experiment e.g trying out new styles and colours and materials etc. to be quite honest I have never once looked into the mirror and said "I look really nice with hijab" I understand we are doing it for Allah and that is all that matters but surely we should feel confident within ourselves. Anyways to my situation I have been buying so many scarfs, trying different colours and different styles and I know this may sound absolutely ridiculous but I keep thinking my face looks fat! Every time I look into the mirror I think I look ugly and fat, what is wrong with me? I don't want to feel like that! Please help me.

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Aoudou billahi min a shayton arajeem bismillah arahman arahiym. Sister your face is beautiful masha Allah . Its Satan who whispers in your ear these things. Seek refuge in Allah from the accursed Satan. also be careful of what trends you follow. Wearing shariah hijab is best.

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i used to have that. i used to think that it made me look bad. but i like it now. i only wear black ones. and now i wear abaya i went all out :p dont worry its just a self esteem thing. dont let that take you away from what is right:)

(Jun 18 '13 at 12:05) a_mohammed a_mohammed's gravatar image

Thankyou so much my dear brothers and sisters for all advice which you have given, i feel much more confident now :) Jazakallah

(Jun 27 '13 at 06:50) Hayat_96 Hayat_96's gravatar image

salamualaikum....sister dont be bother about ur face being fat anytime you observe yourself at the mirror,it my be as a result of d satan trying to freak out your intension of wearing hijab...there is a saying which said that girls without hijab are hot,while the once with hijab are beautiful,thats why aljannat is beautiful and hell is hot......mashallah.i hope you would take my advice.dont ever give up .

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@muhammad naziru

I totally agree with you! Thankyou so much, your advice was a great help :)

(Jun 27 '13 at 06:51) Hayat_96 Hayat_96's gravatar image
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