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Salam brothers, I want to address this issue and I ask you the guidance in this matter as I dont know where to go and ask. I mean I can ask but then people will know the matter which I don't want them to know who are around me. I have been married since 2 years and for 7 months she was good enough with me as we were living with joint family in Pakistan. I have two sisters and one brother and my mother in my family. I am working out of Pakistan. In the year more than four times I try to visit Pakistan like some time 20 days or 15 days. Just for my wife to be not feel alone. Last year ALLAH gives me a beautiful daughter. I face a lot of problems after my new life. I have one problem that I can’t bring my wife here with me, because of visa issue (Pakistani visa ban). I am not able to go back to Pakistan. I have responsibilities of my family. During these 2 years my wife family makes lot of problem like, when I am out of Pakistan they came at home to take his daughter. These types of thing are going so many times. I try to stop her but no benefit. My wife does not stay at my house. This is my problem as her mother keeps on calling her every one or two days saying that she is not feeling well or father not feeling well her sister not feeling well etc etc. This disturbs my house as every time my relatives comes and ask for her she is not there to meet them. I need her she is not there for me, when she is in my home, she work, she cooking and when she received the call from her mother she become out of the work, and keep asking I want to go home,,,, you are not here ???? She goes to her house taking my permission but when I say that I require you now here as someone has invited us over some place for dinner but she refuses and does not consider my emergencies. She should give priority to this house after marriage I suppose, I am also ready to help her in these situations also asking her to come over for few days then you will go back you back but she denies saying that my mother needs me or I am not ready to come now. Over to that she tries to dominate me and she tries to show me down. I ask her to respect me as I am her husband. Then I asked her what about me then? Who will take care of me? My things, my house, she does not give me any answers to that instead she changes topic or start argument over another topic. She is very argumentative I just don't know what to do? The time of my daughter birth I told my wife baby birth will be in my house but my wife and her mother force to me and my family to that birth will in her mother home. That time some nay issue but end I agreed her mother house; I come to Pakistan with than 8 hours the time of my daughter birth.

Now a days again she is in her father home and i ask her to come back to home she is not agreed. she told me that she will back after one month but now is more then one and half month she did not come back.

Please help me what to do? I am really fed up of this life please show me a way or give me some advice.


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i think you should do wazifa you can do this for children too Wazifa for Disobedient wife

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