asalam alaykom my dear brothers and sisters.i want to get your opinions on this one,ever since i became Muslim,my parents rarely call me and always sound not happy when talking to am just remaining with a month before i go back to my country in shaa Allah,,i want to know how i will address this issue,my traditional name means 'WIFE OF god' which i know such names are not accepted in Islam,when i go back to my country in shaa Allah,i need to change the name on my national card which i cannot do without the presence of my parents,i bear the name of my fathers late mother which he cant accept me to change it.i hate this traditional name but i really do not know how to tell my parents to stop using it.i cant wait until they accept Islam for me to tell them as i do not know how long that will should i approach them about this?

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I understand that Khadijah is a name of Arabic origin, given to baby girls who were born prematurely; and that it means: ‘Early Baby’.

What is certain is that it was the name of the Prophet’s first wife, and the mother of all his children. That being so, why is you worried?

(Jun 17 '13 at 18:10) UnknownUser UnknownUser's gravatar image

I think her birth name isn't khadijah. She embraced Islam and chose this name . She hasn't returned home yet after her conversion to face her family. Let alone change her name.

(Jun 18 '13 at 02:09) sadie ♦ sadie's gravatar image

Ah, I understand. Thank you.

(Jun 18 '13 at 02:43) UnknownUser UnknownUser's gravatar image
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