A Norwegian Non-Islamic woman is withholding the truth from her Arabic Islamic husband. This is a fact. And it can easily be proved. What is one to do in this particular case? Tell her husband the truth. Or say nothing? It is a delicate matter, indeed.

The thing is, the father of this particular woman is a Jehovah´s Witness. And he cannot afford to admit that his daughter has a sexually transmitted disease. She was diagnosed with this a as mere teenager some twenty-five years ago, while living at home with her parents. A so-called well respected Witness, her father cannot come to terms with this as she was then living under his roof. Accordingly, he cannot disclose the truth about her disease over two decades later because, to him, this will damage his religious career. Now, after divorcing her first husband, his daughter married an Arabic Islamic man. Still, she declines to tell her new husband the truth regarding her disease. To top it all, this backed by her father, who has now become an Elder of Jehovah´s Witnesses. Furthermore, her father did not accept their islamic wedding ceremony, so the couple had to go through it again. But not in a Norwegian Protestant Church, of course, her father being one of the Brooklyn´s Chosen Few.

Now, should I tell her husband, or should I not? That is the question. The truth will prevail. In shaa Allah.

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I’m intrigued as to how you would know:

That this person contracted a sexually transmitted disease some twenty-five years ago.

That she still has the disease.

That she has not told her husband.

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