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My dad left some money into his bank then later my mum transferred all the money to her account but my dad did not have the capability to explain what to do with the money as he lost memory from a brain stroke before he past away. Now I need to know what should we do with the left over money. • Can we deduct the money was spent for my dad’s treatment? • Was it allowed to spend the money to build a house for we 2 brothers • Does all sisters has right to receive the share of the money, especially If they are having financial problems and poor step sister? • Do we have to let them sisters know the amount of money dad had and what percent’s of the money should each of all receive?

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If you live in the UK (England or Wales, but not Scotland) and your father has not left a valid will then his estate must be shared out according to the rules of intestacy.

If your father has made a will but it is not legally valid, the rules of intestacy must decide how the estate will be shared out, and not the wishes of your father expressed in his will.

Because your mother has survived your father you and your brother and sisters can inherit only if your father’s estate is worth more than £250,000.

Since there are more than two children you will inherit in equal shares:

• one half of the value of the estate above £250,000 and

• the other half of the value of the estate above £250,000 when your mother dies.

If the estate is worth less than £250,000, and there is no valid will, then your mother is entitled to everything.

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Just to clarify.. My dad left around £30.000 THIRTY THOUSANDS POUND cash. we are: 2 brothers, 3 sisters and mum, also 1 step sister (step mum recently past away.

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It’s not just cash; it’s the value of the entire estate, including house(s) and any other property. If your father did not leave a valid will you would be wise to seek professional help.

To repeat: If the total value of the estate is £250,000 or less your mother is entitled to everything.

As for Sharia law and sharing your father’s estate according to that law: I’m afraid Sharia carries little or no weight in the UK. Sharing according to Sharia would be the best way, but only if all parties agree to it. Even if all do agree you might have problems if there are people or organisations (like HM Revenue and Customs) that have a claim on the estate; or if one of the family decides to change their mind and opt for UK law.

I’ve seen families torn apart by disputes over who gets what. I do hope that you avoid such a fate.

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