Im a writer. i love writing romance novels. nothing graphic... but. is that haram? my imagination is my skill and my one way to free my mind for a little while. so... is it?

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Here are two extracts taken from Islamic sites:


The Shari'ah does not prohibit story telling - whether fiction or non-fiction. There is nothing in Islam that forbids one from being creative and using their mind to produce material that is purely fantasy.

This could be for educational purposes or entertainment; it makes no difference in Islam.

Creating works of fiction should not be confused with lying because it is clear to the audience that it is fiction.

All such works are typically categorized properly and clearly designated fiction or non-fiction. On the other hand, some works are so fantastical they are undeniably imaginative.


Head of Al Azhar University (Egypt) which is one of the greatest Sunni Islamic Universities in the entire World said that:

“There is no harm in writing fiction, be it stories or poems, as long as it is written for a good purpose or for brushing aside evil. The criterion here is that authenticated matters of the religion should be kept intact. Also, this writing should not be taken as a means to an evil end, and no evil consequence should result from this writing. In Islam, “harm should neither be inflicted nor tolerated” as is stated in the Hadith. Some scholars, however, maintain that it is not allowed to write fiction. Their argument may be that such stories may contain falsified statements and thus are considered a waste of time. To them, these falsified statements lead to evil and should be avoided. They say that one should instead follow the manner of story telling used in the Qur’an.”

Hope this helps!

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alot alot alot. but i dot write for the good of anyone i write because i like to. ill work it out thanks again

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I'm sure you will!

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haha thanks

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