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Salam alaikum, what is the ruling on prayer ju'mah late... In some part of this county Nigeria, ju'mah prayer are been prayed say some other mosque its been pray 2.00pm, while some mosque pray theres 2.30pm. My question now is when is the normal time to pray ju'mah on friday?

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The time of Friday prayer is from the beginning of sun's downfall to the time that a person's shadow grows 2 foots tall, but duo to obligatory precaution it shouldn't be delayed from the beginning of sun's downfall and if delayed it's better to do the noon prayer.[1]

[1] catechism (Almahsha Ll Imam Alkhomeini), volume 1, page 847, the provisions of Friday Prayers, issue 15, 16 and 27.

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JazakALLAH Khair

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