asalamalaikum everyone..

i went to sleep last night reciting the quran n fell asleep.. at about 2.30 am in d morning i woke up from my sleep as i saw a dream wherin both my little sisters meet with an accident and die...and also my aunt uncle and their daughter die..i didnot sleep after tht as i was restless..i woke up n prayed thahajud n asked allah to protect really getting scared ..on the other hand my grandmother is ill n in the hospital..she has suddenly fallen u think this means there is a bad omen on our really getting very scared ..plz tell me what can be recited..

my little sister who is 12 yrs old always tells me tht she gets bad dreams such as my dad n mom meeting with an accident and really really scared...she keeps getting those dreams very often...everything will go however Allah(s.w.t) has planned..but still im seeking everyones help here..plz let me know such kind of dreams are trying to convey...

brothers n sisters of islam plz do give me an answer..

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Because no one here is scholar who intepretate the dream. And it is said In Islam that if someone resemble the meaning to your dream wether he/ she is right or wrong then there is more chances of having that meaning true. So dont tell your dream to unknown, enemy etc as they may resemble wrong meaning and may it became true. If you want to know its meaning then visit some scholar, mufti etc. But not here as each of the member has different views and if they say wrong but chances are it became right.

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It worked.. :( lol

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Hey ... Its been 30 min... Irfan:(:(:(:(:(

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