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Alright, so there is this drink called Kava, it's a Fijian drink. I am Muslim and my friend is too. So he gave me this drink telling me it isn't alcohol to drink it, and I believe him that it isn't alcohol because I doubt he'll give me alcohol since he's muslim. So I drank it and I didn't get drunk from it, I didn't get any effect from it. My friend said it doesn't contain alcohol but has the affects of alcohol. Is Kava haram?

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um...well...drinking alcohol is haram because of how it affects i dont think you should drink it... but wait for someone else to give u perfect answer

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There is a film called ‘The 13th Warrior’ in which an Arab character is given a drink made from honey (probably mead). He is told that it’s OK to drink this because it is not made from grain or grape.

My son is an Arabic speaker. I asked him about this particular scene and he told me that the Arabic word Khamr (wine) extends to any substance that can intoxicate or can affect the mind, no matter what form or under what name it may appear.

There are two Hadith:

‘Prohibition of Khamr is revealed, and Khamr is made from grapes, dates, honey, wheat and barley. Khamr is (each and every substance) that befogs the mind’ (Reported by Imams Bukhari and Muslim).

‘Every intoxicant is Khamr, and every Khamr is Haram’. (Reported by Imam Muslim).

Since Kava, which comes from a plant root, affects the mind you would do well to leave it alone.

Hope this helps.

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