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What are the alternate means of Wudhu .for aged persons who cannot use water.

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He can do wazu with soil. You have to know the way how it is done with soil. It is called Tayammum...

Rules Regarding Tayammum Question: In what cases is it permissible to do tayammum ? ANSWER If there is no water available to perform wudu' or ghusl or if, though there is water available, it is not possible to use it, one can do tayammum with any sort of clean earthen thing, such as clean soil, sand, lime, and stone. According to the Hanafi Madhhab , tayammum can be done before the time for a fard salat arrives. However, according to the other three madhhabs , it is not permissible to do it before the time for a fard salat has come. The chief conditions under which tayammum become permissible are as follows: 1. When one is unable to find clean water to perform wudu' or ghusl (it is always fard [obligatory] to search for water when one is in a city), 2. When one is afflicted with a disease that prevents one from using water or when there is the danger that one would die or fall sick because of cold if one used water, 3. When near water is an enemy, a wild or poisonous animal that will set upon, 4. When one cannot use water because one is imprisoned, 5. When one is threatened with death, 6. When a traveler does not have extra water other than that which he will drink, 7. When, though there is a well, it is not possible to extract water from it.

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