My opinion is that Music is just a way of entertainment. Music is separate thing and Religion is a different thing. When there is no connection between those two different things then how any one can claim that it is not allowed in Islam?

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I think that this life on earth should be used to increase your knowledge of islam and worship allah the best way you can what is exactly the meaning of entertaining its somthing that you do to pass time but time is precious you should use it in the best way possible now this dosent nessicarily mean its haram but listing to people sing about getting with girls getting their heart broken being abused using drugs is really the worst way you can possibly use your time but i belive that listning to sami yousif sing about about muhammad is a better use of your time but the greatest thing to do with your time would be to listen to quran and there isnt anything better you can listen to now which one would you rather remember doing on your death bed this is somthing people must remember because its one thing that is sure to happen to you in this lifetme and yet its one of the least things people prepare for and when you die you dont want to have regret using this time to listen to that rubbish islam shouldent be seprate from entertainment because islam is a way of life its not somthing we call ourselves then push it to a side we must use it to guide us throught every aspect of life so that on the day of judgement your lord will be proud of you insha-allah:)

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insyaAllah.. amin

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