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Salam aylikum i just to know that do islam allow us to do .means just to marry non muslim english girl just to do papper marriage in sence of deal that this marrisge is just to obtain visa and i give you money in it permissible if not why

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Apart from the fact that what you are suggesting is entirely immoral and unlawful under UK law, here are the UK rules on marriage visas as they apply to you:

If you wish to come to the UK to get married and to live with you wife permanently in the UK, you will first need to get a fiancé visa, known as entry clearance.

You and your prospective wife will both have to prove that you have a genuine relationship.

Your prospective wife will have to be British or have settled status in the UK, also known as indefinite leave to remain.

To get a fiancé(e) or proposed civil partner visa, you will also have to prove that:

You and your partner are 18 or over at the date of your application

Your partner must not be related to you in a way that means you could not marry under UK law

You and your partner must have met in person

Your relationship must be genuine and subsisting

You must be seeking entry to the UK to allow your marriage or civil partnership to take place

Any previous relationship must have permanently broken down (this does not apply to certain polygamous relationships)

You and your partner must intend to live together permanently in the UK

You must meet the financial requirements, and

You must meet the English language requirement.

Further information is on the UKBA website at

Once you are in the UK, you will be given 6 months' to stay here during which you must get married or have a civil partnership ceremony. You will need to give notice to marry or register your civil partnership at a designated register office.

Once married, you will have to apply on a UK Border Agency form for permission to remain in the UK as a spouse or civil partner. There are strict requirements that you will have to meet to satisfy the immigration authorities that the marriage is genuine and that you should be allowed to stay in the UK.

UK immigration law is complex and getting it wrong has serious consequences. You should always consult a specialist adviser.

Frankly, it would be better for you not to attempt what you plan.

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