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Praise be to Allah alone, and peace and blessings be upon the Prophet after him, and yet, the Almighty God proceeded to worship our Quima and guided Himself straight from followed Rushd and guided, and lost him lost lost indicating, and this religion that God sent him Messengers religion ring dominant at all religions before it, is the message of God Conclusion to all Thaqalayn to do time, and required it to be in this message of the characteristics of what makes it timeless and place to all the nations of the earth.   * Based on this Website:

--- It is a message to the longitudinal I deserve to be written ....... And you deserve to be thankful

And your reward is God ......................

I am a Muslim Arab, when I watch I see men who do not speak arabic and also are not Arabs, all I receive them, is that we speak the language of Muslim belief and religion. I swear to God when they see you are fighting for Islam and guide people to the right path, I cried and smiled at one time, I hope to God that we meet with some, that was not written for us not to meet, we will meet in the eternal paradise, God willing. Because you want to help Symbol Website will be beneficial to you interpret the states and chatter http://www.en.quranicresearcher.com/

*** At present, the Islamic world has become prescribed for like Balh. and persecution of human rights, etc. I have the image of Islam differed completely from the image Umayyad and Abbasid era, Who is responsible for this?

We intervene to correct these ideas and communicate the truth of Islam to the world As we Muslims, it means that we represent Islam wherever we are, Especially if we were expatriates live in a foreign country most of them do not understand Islam, So it must be good role models and represent our religion to the fullest in the entire world So they convey the right image, the true religion and ethics Quite simply we can change the look of these to Islam Bkhalguena, our values ​​and our principles Urged us by the Holy Quran and Sana by the Holy Prophet, peace be upon him, Because good manners has a significant impact on humans.

For every Muslim to possess morality of Islam, truthfulness, honesty, work mastery, Humility, with a focus on humanitarian meanings , such as tolerance And freedom of belief and freedom of opinion and freedom of expression and respect for others, all these wonderful manners, And have a stronger impact on the rights of speech, A Muslim who lives abroad be observers, especially veiled women, we find They are the focus of everyone's attention, control all the actions, And the alien nature likes to know what Muslims are and how they live?

Let us be honest Trustees of good morals everywhere, because we may never know from watching Our actions and judge us as Muslims, so we have my brother and sister to be Muslim Ambassadors of Islam wherever we are, and to move away from any disgraceful or any creation repellent behavior. How many people who are not Muslims, Allah has guided the hands of a young Muslim man or a Muslim because their creation Hassan ..

.... O Lord, set your hearts on faith

There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah

--- Your brother in Islam : muntaser abudallah

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