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I think its okay because the prophet allowed people to put anything from the earth for example dirt rocks sticks so maybe it is okay but the best thing you can do for a dead person when you go to the grave yards is to say:“O the inhabitants of the graveyard, peace be upon you! May Allah forgive us and you. You went before us and we are going to come after you.”

"As – Salaamu alaa Ahlid – Diyaar minal Mumineena wal Muslimeen Yarhamullah al Mustaqdimeena min-naa wal Mustakhireen wa in-naa InshaAllahu bikum Laahiqoon "

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Amin Yarabbiyal alamin..

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Firstly your not allowed to visit the graves daily and your are not allowed to put flowers too and you are also not allowed to sit on top of the grave or beside it and start talking to it, but you can visit the graves once in a while for a reminder as we will all be in there one day and to seek the forgiveness of Allah, and upon entering you say the Du'a above which Nesreena provided.

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