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Assalamu alaikum brothers. Nowadays i m really getting depresed due to my sexual oreintation because i m gay and i have try everything to get over it but its just not working and now i m feeling lonely there is no one with me with whom i can talk about my prblm. What should i do please show me the right path?

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Brotherh if you gay it not that bad if you haven't commit a bad sin with him (having sex ) Brotherh you need to gay away the person who you in love with him that mean no texting,messaging and so much more find your self an Islamic friend which will not make you feel in love with him, you can also gr to have a relationship with girls but becareful not to commit a big sin choose someone who is better for you. By only one partner and I will also advice you to do your all prayer with priest and make dua for your self and thanks Allah for what he has giving you as Allah say " if you walk to me I will run to you, if you come me I will bin ur hearth" so brother pray off your self and other Muslim around the world them I belove you won't be feeling lonely try to make your self busy on Islamic things, then you will have someone to tak to you... Brotherh end the relationship with him just be his friend that all Thanks so much brother Hope that help

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Assalam o Alaikum! I am also suffering from such severe situation, i also have such feelings, i did not ever attracted by a girl, I did love some one with the deep of my heart, we often met but i always stop my self to meet him and i never did any sex with him, because i dont want to reject my Allah's orders, and then I break all relations with him, no reply no msg, no met, then i started to read quran with translation, and then I know that all Jins and Human are born by Allah just for his worship, then I got my life's aim, and now I feel so much peace in my heart, i will not say that I have been changed feelings or any thing else, But I left it on Allah because he knows myself more than me, and he knows that I am not sinner and I am not lier, I just belive on Allah that if I follow his orders, he will be mercyfull to me, so please don't be disheart, do pray to allah and try to be closer to Allah, because he is our creator and we have to follow him in every situation, whether our naturally gay or not, it doesn't matter, May Allah guide you and me and every one, (my english is not too good so please try to understand my msg)

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Wa 'alaikumus salam. Kindly follow these steps-

1- Practice your religion and make tauba for your sins.

2- Read Qur'an and ponder upon it's meanings.

3- Marry a muslim woman as soon as possible.

4- Fast with concentration to reduce your sexual energy.

5- Eat less and drink a lot of water. Avoid spicy, oily foods and eat more fruits.

6- Avoid being lonely. Find some muslim friends.

7- Avoid being lazy and keep yourself busy with work.

8- Sleep on a hard surface and sleep on your right side by facing the qibla.

9- Always keep your tounge busy with zikr.

10- Focus on deen and think about jannat and jahannam. Watch Islamic lectures, read Islamic books and increase your Islamic knowledge.
InshaAllah these steps will change you pattern of thinking. HadakAllah wa JazakAllah.

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Hi dear friend. Ask Allah for help.Ask Him to foregive you.Be away from everything that provokes your passions like watching sexy pics or videos and so on.Perhaps marriage with a good woman be a suitale way for you if you could keep on your sexual relationship only with her. In this way you will meet your desires lawfully and without doing sins. I ask Allah to help you .

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Asalaam alykum. First i feel sorry for u- having a lonely life. Insha Allah Allah is a Listener and He is the Giver. I advise you to be close to Allah- perform prayers- make alot of istighfaar- and read Qur an and your heart will feel easy. May Allah guide you to the right path. Aamin

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first you should make toba from Allah and follow islamic life Depression treatment

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