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Salamualaikoum to all my dear brothers and sisters.

I have just heard news from a muslim sister working in a Mcdonalds restaurant within the UK. She told me yesterday not to eat the fillet-o-fish burger as they use the same oil to cook both their chicken and fish however, their chips are fine as they have a seperate oil. I advice all of you to not eat this again and also spread the news.

Jazakallah khair.

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It's not haram unless it's cooked in pig lard. Which from you description, is not the case.

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i happen to know from my fourth year special project that maccas kitchen equipment comes from Louisiana and head office texas if anyone is interested because gigantic number of franchises they can keep the cost down too also depends on polyunsaturated and saturated I have heard something like canola oil

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I don't think any western food chain kfc burger king mcdonalds hungry jack all are haram to the mumineen only kufr "stuff"

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burger king hungry jacks and mcdonalds all really really bad hamburgers better off paying doublethe price at a diner

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