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I have been having these doubts recently...although I know the truth, the devil keeps playing with my mind. I keep doubting and questioning the truth by Allah... I want to stop these thoughts, : That things that happen to us esp minor things are mere coincidence and not an act of God. I want to be firm in my faith and be convinced that all small or big things are act of God, every single move we take...

I'm reading the Quran...and doing everything possible to stop these thoughts. Please Help,...I want an answer which will convince me and strengthen my faith and I'm able to fight the devil.

Jazak Allah khair

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@Meher, In Islam it is wajib that we accept what is called the Qadr of Allah, now the question is do we have a choice in the Qadr? And the answer to that is yes. But to give you inshallah a better understanding I will explain the difference between Qadr and Qada In the Qada we have no choice. The word Qada means decree, when Allah azza wal jall makes a decree, the decree is fully carried out as the Qur'an states, " When he decrees a matter (Qada Amran), He says to it KUN FAYA KUN be and it is." sura 2:117, 3:59 Now when it comes to the Qadr we have a choice in it for the Qur'an states in numerous ayah that all good comes from Allah and the wrong or the bad comes from our own hands. For the Qadr comes down in set measures as the book states, " And there is nothing but that with us are the stores thereof, and We do not send it down except (be Qadarim maaluwn) inknown measures." sura 15:21 Also read 54:49, the known measures is the fact that Allah is the knower of all things, but that doesn't mean that He makes you do anything, for we make our choice whatever the outcome is, and Allah knows the outcome before it happens. Every move you make is a act of what you choose in the qadr of Allah.salaam

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The brother that asked the question about the kids needs to read this answer

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If you went to university and graduated with an honours in medicine... you would thank your knowledge, your parents and millions of things before remembering allah. Or you might not even remember him. But did you know that all while you where studying he stored you from harm. He protected you, he allowed you to leave safe and come back safe at home each day. A car could of hit you on your way and your life is over. / Think about it = life is so short and easy to be over with. If we don't thank god and fulfill the true purpose of life, then what are we good for? if that car did hit us, where would we be? we have one chance, what should we do? we know the truth, how much of an importance should we give it? If you are muslim today, think of the millions who are living to drink, have sex, have a big car, a diamond ring and then die. Once that is done someone owns their things if its still worth it and they do the same thing. Like robots. Your muslim and you are one of the luckiest person with islam in your hands. Understand that god is testing you based on how you will act on the blessings you receive, and remember that someone out there has a harder test then you.

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I'll give you an example , you are walking on the road while you are walking you hear the adhan calling for prayers at that moment Allah gives you the opportunity to choose whether to pray or not....If you pray its reward is for you if you dont , you'll get the punishment :)

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This is for the person that asked about the qadr

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