Salaam alejkum brothers and sisters. Here in Norway it's going to be long fasting days this year. Sunrise: 04:13, dawn: 22:39.

Can I rather fast in the winter when the days are shorter, or do I have to fast in the holy month? Peace be with you!

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Arber Is Your maghrib prayer at 22:39? Or Is this Isha Prayer time ?

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I don't know what that is, I don't speak Arabic, but it is the 4th prayer. There is one more after it.

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Walaikum salaam ,

I believe it is wajib ( obligatory) for anyone who has come to the age of puberty to fast, regardless of how long the hours in the day are. The only time when it is permitted to not fast is if you are: sick;traveling;or fear death due to thirst/hunger.

We would all like to fast in the winter when the days are short, but this is not the point. Even here in the UK the hours will be long. Make lots of dua and Insh'Allah Allah(swt) will make it easy for us.

Source - Good Read For General Knowledge

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Ok, thanks bro.

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You're welcome. If you are satisfied do not forget to click the tick as an accepted answer. Jzk.

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