Dear brothers and sisters, Salaam alejkum! What's actually going on in Syria? I heard that the freedom fighters in Syria aren't from Syria, and that they are just destroying the country, which it indeed is now. And I seen youtube videos; CIA soldiers shooting at civilians with snipers from building roofs to start this war, they got caught, this happened at the beginning of this war. I have researched and found out that the West wanted Khadafi(Libyas president) away because he was about to establish Dinaar(Money of Gold and Silver) which would defeat any other paper currency, and the same people who is fighting Assad now fought Khadafi. I have researched Assad and seen that he isn't a Western puppet, and the West want him away also. Sheikh Imran Hosein says that these freedom fighters in Syria are soldiers of Dajjal. I also seen those Assad supporters take Assad as their Lord, may Allah guide them and have mercy. And I seen Assad also bombarding and he can't even perform Salat. I am confused in this situation... I also seen these freedom fighters beheading some people which I don't like. What makes me concern is that the West and Zionist is supporting the freedom fighters. Can some one cast some light on this situation for me?

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Walaikum Salaam again brother, this is more of a discussion rather than a Q/A. I'd like to redirect you to this part of the website where we can talk about these things.

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Should be posted on community site under State of Human Rights in the Islamic States or Condemn Extremism / Terrorism.

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Click here to see your post and its replies...

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