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Assalamalaikum .. I am married for last 3years but I am facing lots of problems in my life.. My husband is a nice man but he always complains to his parents whenever we have a fight. I always told him not to involve our parents in our fights but he never listened to me.. I came to know many facts after marriage that he was not earning as much that was return in his bio data and he wasn't having family visa status which he told he had .. He wanted me to join him abroad but asked my father for financial help which my father did willingly. After i went there he started behaving differently. he used to say if he have intercouse with me his boss will be angry. if i use such n such soap ,everybodys salary will be delayed. he was not able to get family visa so he resigned his job and started blaming me. Then we both searched for jobs n got visas n were now planning for baby which I conceived with great difficulty and treatment as I was diagnosed with pcod. Even after we both were working our financial condition was bad and my father was helping us regularly. When my pregnancy was confirmed my husband resigned his job again telling me that he wants a better salary job. Our condition was so bad that even I had to resign and we both shifted to India back. I was 21weeks pregnant.All this while I was very stressed out. When we came to India within two days my husband and in laws started blaming me that I don't do any household work.. At 23weeks of pregnancy my baby's heart beat stopped n he died. My husband applied for another job abroad n went back. After 3months he called me and again he was terminated from his job and now he blamed me day and night. I came back to India n he got another job which he lost again in one month n he also shifted to India now n started working here n now his parents are blaming me saying that he is a very nice person and the problems he is facing in his life is due to my bad luck and am a very bad wife. I came back to my moms house but I don't know what to do.please suggest some Islamic solution.

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