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I have had a childhood friend who has been very close to me, we both had feelings for each other but kept everything halal as we just stayed friends and never looked at one another in that way. I still care for the guy, he has gone astray and on the wrong path. He sells drugs, is obsessed to halal money and hurts the people who care about him. He wasn't like this, in a week he suddenly changed and it is affecting me because I have been raised up with him from childhood. Is there anything I can do to get him back on to the right path of islam? I pray for him daily but I really need some advice because I have been depressed for 6 months now over this matter.

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So many people have seen this post yet won't help..

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Unfortunately this type of question is very personal. I see more and more of these types of questions not only on this website but others. The best advice anyone can give you is to go seek counseling at your local masjid.

The dua you are making is also the best way. Maybe you could try speaking to him privately, regarding how you feel and how you think he is negatively affecting those around him.

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Salaam, I just didn't know what to do. I've tried my best for years to put him on the right path and I did but he just went astray. In my area there is no female place in a masjid. So I find it uncomfortable. I tried to have a talk with him but he just got angry and said 'I'm making money that's what counts' but thankyou. I shall try again and inshallah it works.

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I know this is very personal I'm sorry in advance if I say anything out of place. But I think you should talk to him and remind him all the tests that Allah puts us through and tell him jannah and jahannam. Tell him true success is that we follow the ways of the prophet. Even though the prophet was illiterate great monarchs of that time were amazed at how an illiterate achieved so much. Money brings worries and chaos true happiness is that of love of Allah and his prophet muhammed (saw). This would still be daunting tell someone who is far from deen, but keep praying for Allah knows best when he will find his path again. I'm sorry again if I said anything out of place.

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That is so true mashallah. I will try my best, thank you ever so much :

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