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As-salamu alaykum! I have a quick question. Does Allah forgive all sins? In the Qur'an, one verse says He forgives all sins, but later He says does not forgive on certain sins, such as proselytizing. Can someone please clear me up on that. I would appreciate it.

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Walaikum Salaam,

Allah swt is Ar-Rahim the most merciful. There is one sin that Allah will not forgive and that is polytheism/shirk - which is associating partners with Allah - if you die upon this.

What you are refering to here: If you read, does not make sense. As Proselytism is the act of converting people to another religion.

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shirk is not forgivable unless you didn't know about it when made it for example you made a mistake and then you realize that it's sins in islam so nothing on you because you are nescient about it but put in your head that allah have 99 names and one of them is Forgiver/غفور so allah is forgiver ask allah forgiveness by saying استغفر الله = astagfir allah llazeem means forgive me allah also pray and worship him

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Shirk is the only sin not forgiven by Allah. But any other sin can be forgiven by istigfar/forgiveness. It's like a son who does something wrong the mother will forgive him and keep him close until he leaves her completely then she will hate him. Allah wants to save you from the fire of hell he does not want one of his creation to fall in the fire.

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Prophet, sallallaahu `alayhi wa sallam ( may Allaah exalt his mention ) said: “Every sin is forgiven except a person who deliberately kills a Muslim or a person who dies as a non-Muslim (disbeliever).”[Abu Daawood]

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Allah does forgive you sin if you clear your hearth from sinful things and live the way it's has mentions in Quran at least try to live the way it mention in Quran. I will be honest that Allah love anyone who ask for forgiveness.

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