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Hello, I'm a lost soul. Before i was born I know both my parents were Islamic. Around after i was born they broke up and my mom later converted us to the church. But as I grew up between the religion lines in my family, Islam is what's always felt right. I've always felt at home with my Islamic friends and the last of my family that still practice.

The problem now is my mom, I'm 18 but it seems like she's forcing the church ways upon me and we've butted heads a lot over the years. I don't want to be disobedient but I know where hurt lies i just don't know the steps I need to take...


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I don't know how to help really if u really think Islam is right for u should talk to ur mom about it though I have no idea how she will respond. She may accept it if she truly loves u. Though I don't know. I don't think I can't be much of a help to u. I just want to ask can u say that u r a practicing Muslim. Prays salah/prayers and believes in Allah and his prophet muhammed as the final prophet ?

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I don't practice full out because I haven't taken a shahoda ( I think I spelled that wrong.) But I do believe in Allah and his prophet Muhammed as the final prophet.

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Don't u think if a person believes in Allah and his prophet (peace be upon him) already a Muslim

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I see that you have the desire to know ISLAM.

To know ISLAM, it is mandate that you READ THE QURAN.

I would suggest you read this page -

also, if you have a quran in your hand while reading this page it will be more helpful to you because you can clarify everything directly from the quran as the page talks with Quran's Verses as proofs.

INSHALLAH, since you have built the good desire in you ALLAH WILL GUIDE YOU.


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salaam sister, I also come from a divided home, my mother converted to Christianity and married my father. She remained devoted Christian after their separation and I was raised a Christian but like you I know something wasn't right with the religion and when I became independent of both parents, I reverted to Islam and I had some family members that made my life miserable. But being a Christian and even a bible study teacher gave me an advantage when talking to non-Muslims, they are usally surprised with my knowledge of the bible and I can act as an intermediary for inter-religious understanding. Allah sees your heart and your intention. Pray when you can and use your church experiences as a way to learn more about Christian so that when Allah gives you independence your can highlight the flaws in their beliefs and help them find the straight path. They will come to you because you understand them and you would be in a better position to do dawa with them. Remember, people like you are the bridge and the future of Islam. Your understanding of both religions will make you less judgmental, more patient and your understanding will bring people to you to learn. May Allah guide you

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