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I'm still waiting on the last question I asked, but my second question is: Am I disrespectful for asking if I truly do not know certain things of Islam?

My mom stop all my Islamic lessons between me being the ages of 3-5 and I'm far behind. I don't want to be called what I hear some friends and family mention as 'A Fake Muslim', or one of those Muslims that are disrespectful to the religion.

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One thing u should understand is probably we are all fake Muslims outside of ramadhan we may pray namaz or not. We respect the Quran that it is put in such a high place that we can't get it down in the whole year besides ramadhan. If a person does not k ow islam and asks a question does that make him dumb or clever because he will never find the answer if he doesnt ask. I know for a fact that no person has all the knowledge of Islam all the sunnats all the faraidh all the mustahabat all the nawafil and all the knowledge. When you start school or college do u know what the teacher is going to teach or do u learn as the days months go by. Whoa surprisingly I just wrote an essay. But u catch my drift u are not disrespectful maybe I am for not asking questions on my faith as I should.

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Dear Friend,

I would suggest you read this page for the TRUTH about ISLAM because it talks everything from the Quran directly stating VERSES AS PROOFS.

Also, while reading the page if you have your Quran in your hand for clarification would be even more helpful.


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