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What if a Muslim boy (22) was getting married to a Muslim girl (~22). The boy lives in Canada and the girl is in Pakistan. They are already engaged and are waiting for her to get immigration procedures done so she can come to Canada to have Nikah. 1. How should they proceed on the first night if they do not want to have children for 4 years until the boy is done his studies? 2. I was thinking about the boy ASKING the girl to read up on Natural Family Planning and learn it well so when she comes to Canada they can consummate on the first night without fear of fertilization occurring. To do this would he go to Pakistan and give her a book or something? 3. How would he talk to her engaged about Natural Family Planning, or is it considered rude to do so BEFORE consummation? And if it is rude, do Muslim couples simply have intercourse on the first night after Nikah without caring about Family Planning?

Please answer these questions as best you can, Shukran.

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Or have the boy wear protection (aka a condom) if he doesn't want the girl to have children.

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hmm well i didnt read everything...bas all i can say is only Allah can say when u have a baby or not. if its written youll have it if not then you wont. no procedure is 100%, the only thing that is is not doing it at all. u pick.

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