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Can a woman sit in a mosque while menstruating without having the risk of contaminating it? If menstruating women being restricted from entering the mosque is due to potential soiling of the prayer area, in this day and age it’s very possible to maintain a good level of hygiene and sanitation, with having no leakage. And most mosque space is also used actively in teaching not only praying.

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Dear friend,

No matter whatever the physical condition would be of a male or a female; it is NECESSARY FOR YOUR HEART TO BE CLEAN.

Please read this from the Quran;

Chapter 56, Verse 79 – “ Which none shall touch (QURAN) but those who are clean: “

When the Verse says, "THOSE WHO ARE CLEAN", doesn't relate anything to your physical status.

Allah clearly tells us to ponder on the Quran when its read. Please read as a proof;

CHAPTER 4, VERSE 82 - “ Do they not ponder on the Quran? Had it been from other than Allah, they would surely have found therein much discrepancy. “

CHAPTER 47, VERSE 24 – “ Do they not earnestly seek to understand the Quran, or is that there are locks upon their hearts? “

So if there are men or women of understanding, they will know that HEART has to be kept clean and should be away from the bad characters of Satan.

If you are interested to know Satan's bad characters, then I can tell you.


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To my knowledge of Islam, you should not pray or even attend Juma while menstruating, it is to what I know 'unclean' and 'unpurified'.

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I don't think I should answer this but oh well. What do u think if a person is unclean he would have to clean himself before he enters the masjid. But u still have the risk what is that saying even wearing a condom u still have the risk of babies so nothing is certain so I think u should stay away until the period finishes. I have no idea what I'm saying sorry about this.

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