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I was laying on my stomach on my bed (not trying to sleep as I know it's not sunnah) and I started rubbing against my bed, I knew what I was doing but I didn't do it intentionally and then I didn't even realise about the ejaculation & I was going to stop before it happened (but astaghferullah It happened) as straight after I had did it I did wudhu/ghusul. The ejaculation happened about 1 hour after sehri, I knew what I was doing but I honestly didn't mean it, did my fast break??

Also, I'm 14 and I am trying to stop masturbating during this Ramadan

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Please someone help me out!

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If it is done intentionally then ur fast breaks if it's a wet dream then no. Just remember that if it is intentional and u have broken the fat intentionally then to repeat the ramadhan fast u have to fast a whole month just for one. I only k ow coz I asked one of the scholars near where I live

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If u were rubbing urself it is intentional it like I was once waving a stick around near my friends head I didn't mean to hurt but it was intentional as I knew what I was doing. Just do a lot of astagfaar. And ask for fOrgiveness one thing to make sure is that u make it seem that u are still fasting and not eat anything until Iftar. But asking a scholar is best.

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I've stayed up since sehri because I felt so bad about it, sehri was at around 1:30 AM & I did it at 2 AM & it's now 4 AM, I've been up looking for an answer, the day hasn't really started yet but I will definately not eat anything and keep the fast as it seems my fast hasn't broken? Jizakallah'

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Same as my time though I should be going to speep

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As for the last part think of what ur wife will think when u tell her u masturbate and how will she react. U know it will eventually wear out. No stamina. Sorry bro

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I don't have a wife and I'm not really at a marriageable age atm, I've been trying to give up for a year now and this Ramadan is a perfect opportunity, if I don't do it again for the rest Im sure I can stop forever, I make dua every day for it! Please make dua for me so I can stop, I will really really appreciate it!

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But u should really think about it. Make dua for me to

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