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Why do some children die horrible deaths? For example,a Muslim child is abused and beaten for most of his life, but always prays to Allah and does good deeds is then brutally murdered by a sick person after he ran away from his abusive parents. Why would Allah allow such an innocent child to suffer a terrible death despite all the prayers he has given him?

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Read the answer given on Allah letting things happen

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How do you know how bad this child suffered, maybe Allah didn't let it suffer. And if it's true what you said that the child prayed and did good deeds, this child isn't cursed, this dunya is a test, the child is probably even more blessed then you and me now.

If the same bad thing happened to two persons, one of them might suffer more from the situation than the other. It is Shaitan who make the pain and anxiety worse. That's why we have to remember Allah.

The pleasures that Allah have blessed you with wouldn't count more then dust for you if Allah didn't bless you with the ability to feel the pleasure of this things.

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