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The tablique jammat claim to be giving dawaa, by promoting good and prohibiting evil. However how is this permissible if Islam's main aim through dawaa is to propergate the religion to non-Muslims. Tablique's say that they focus on Muslims only because they believe many Muslims are not practising Islam properly. But how are they practising Islam properly as well? How do they justify leaving their families behind for days/weeks/months, Isn't the primary institution the family?

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I would like to address the following concern

"However how is this permissible if Islam's main aim through dawaa is to propergate the religion to non-Muslims"

Islam aims to provide Muslims with a way of life which benefits their lives in this world and in the here after. Hence the Muslims are to work on their obligations of Prayers(5 pillars), Character, spiritual purification, Family and society which are primary in nature. If these primary objectives are lacking, one can only imagine the kind of effort one would put towards informing non Muslims about Islam. I am not saying it isn't an obligation but Muslims have structured priorities. Also would you like a Muslim who doesn't Pray, drinks Alcohol, gets angry easily and is of bad character to preach Islam?

I personally do Dawah to Non Muslims and have consistently observed that the people who become Muslim in most cases already know about Islam through other Muslims who work with them, live near them or are friends. Being with Muslims creates love for Islam as they see it in their daily lives, their character, their habits, their family lives and the general Brotherhood amongst Muslims which is when they feel the urge to be like them, and they see Islam as a source of it. Like the Tableeghis say, when Sahaba(ra) would to go and preach, they would say be like us.

Hope this Helps and Allah knows best!

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when the prophet(peace and mercy of Allah be on him) began his calling,he started from his immediate family,its nt that we should not call others to the religion,but before we go out lets help our immediate family so we will not be curing others while right inside we are sick,wallahu a'lam

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All these questions are opinionated and hold no basis in Sharia. Millions of people who are active in Tableegh don't seem to find the problem with timings, which essentially goes to show it something particular to you. Why dont you spend time in Tableegh and try to understand their way of working. As they say, unless you spend 40 days in Tableegh you will not understand the work.


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I don't believe that tablique's are doing anything wrong but at the sametime I don't think they are doing things right! I think their concept of dawaah is wrong, dawaah should focus on non-Muslims as well as Muslims, they should look at the way they are preaching, and how they can utilise technology, most of them want to follow the sunnah of the prophet but lets face they use cars to travel and use phones etc, so let make use of the internet as well. Also their time frames are wrong to, they say that one needs to spend 2% of their time in tablique, how do you justify that they take that on a daily basis, weekly basis, monthly basis and yearly basis, thus spending 2% of each whether its 2 hours daily, 4 hours weekly, 3 days month and 40 days yearly. Altogether this is too much time away from family and families suffer due to this, I'm not saying we shouldn't give dawaah as it is an obligation we Muslims have to do but let look at other ways of doing dawaah!

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Yes, it is. But Tablighi brothers are not supposed to leave their families without the permission of their wives and without leaving adequate provisions for their families. Before you go out in Jamaat you are supposed to make Mashwara (consultation) with the elders of the Tablighi work in your local area and you are supposed to frankly let them know your situation, marital, financial, etc. If for some reason your family cannot be provided for while you are away, or if your wife does not want you away for so long, then they tell you to be patient and wait for another time. Those Tablighi brothers who do not follow the above methodology are not doing the work properly and giving it a bad name, but that should not reflect on the work itself. It has touched and changed many, many peoples' lives all across the globe.

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