Salaam My wifes niece (her late brothers daughter) had a dream that I beat up my wife badly afterwards her (my wifes) older brother and twin sister came into the room but they didn't say anything. We (My brother inlaw, sister inlaw, my wifes niece and myself) then went into the car without my wife were my sister inlaw and my brother inlaw sat in front and my wifes niece and myself sat at the back with a baby of about 8months old between us. While my wifes niece was trying to support the baby from falling forward, I secretly tap her palm (like a hi5), smiled at her and said to her "they (my wife and inlaws) fell for my scheme". I have never beaten up my wife and I don't see myself as deceptive, what those her dream mean. I got some interpretations from some sources but your opinion will be highly appreciated. Ma'a Salaam

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