I am a muslim guy and married from christian gal she has bad history but since we got married she always loves me and never do anything makes me feel bad and even ramadan she fast with me. The problem she was clear more than usual about her past and about her xes and of sure all what she did against any religion. That thing hurts me a lot and really i need help for how to not feel bad about her past specially i saw not good pics for her and one of her xes and he ia muslim iraqi guy but she always say she regret on all her past. So please help me on this specially i really love her

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  We all make mistakes, but wanting to move on and be a better person is a very brave thing for a person to do. You said that your wife loves you and fasts with you during Ramadan, your wife is trying put the past behind her, you should to. Whatever her past holds is gone, look to the future and thank Allah for leading your wife to Islam. Whatever other people think of others doesnt matter, how Allah sees you however does.
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you should also be happy she's told u about her past. its a very hard thing to do. and brave, it shows how much she loves you. everyone has a past, and only a very few of us can not only learn from it, but change our future with it. if you love her, and she loves you as much as you say you shouldn't think about her past. you weren't around then so it has nothing to do with you. be happy your her present. and future inshallah.

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Everyone has a past. The fact that she was open and hoesnt about it shows how much she cares and loves you. Shes all yours now. So you have to try to look past it all. I know its not easy, Ive been there aswell.

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