My wife and me have had two Haj and many Umra.

Now my wife says if I will not take her to Haj then she wants divorce. I told her that we had two Haj and that I am not willing but she still insists for divorce.

I shall be grateful if you kindly advise what should I do?

Repy by return shall be appreciated.

Take care,

Allah hafiz

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Tell her that going to hajj Allah will not forgive us if you saying theses kind of things love, plus the place where you living is like haj for you and for your wife, for me I haven't been for ham just once just try to advice her a giving divorce is a sinful things even if you go to ham forgiveness then Leah won't forgive you.

On other hand I think he really love the house of Allah so I would say she using the excuse to take her there plus she a bit childish I sorry to say but I would please make du for my sister and ask Allah to make her feel that Allah is with her everywhere not juat in hajj. Brother if she had a small in this website I should had talk to her and advice her but I hope she doesn't divorce. It the devil who remain people of sin and ,make them to be sinful so be patient and I hope you find your way. I 15 year And I can strongly advice your wife if you want me but I need her email or tell your wife to ask question in this website then I will talk to her

Thanks hope that help

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