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Please I need Your urgent help. My hubby lost his job like a year and half ago and I am managing in a school as a teacher.Now he got a job offer to be distributing wine, spirit along side with some beverages(non alcoholic). Though, the company has other subsidiaries which involves food, beverages, automobile etc which he hope he can be transfered to later after joining the company. Though some one else has done this before and he was allowed to. His intention is that he wants to join the comppany 1st, just to have something doing and then look for how to switch to other deoartments. Please what can he do?

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Islamically doing anything or spreading anything which help to continue haram or bad things is prohibited strongly in Islam, If you are sure that he can be transferred to other section where he don't have to do this type of work then (Personally in my view ) he can continue for a while because of job situation i recommend you only to do this if you are sure to change the job responsibilities soon.

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