Once you are dead your chance to become a believer has passed, so unless you are catholic and believe in some kind of temporary punishment before you go to paradise are prayers of any help to one who is dead?

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i dont think you can pray for them unless they missed prayer and you are doing it for them and the reason for this is because its considered debt its debt that they owe to allah so somone has to pay it back they didnt reive the chance to pay it off themeselves you can also fast for them if they missed fast but other then that you cant pray and say im praying for them sonce they cant anymore because its not obligory for them to pray anymore and this would be a biddat or innovation to try top pray on their behalf when their not missing prayer but when you pray for youself if they happen to be the ones who taught you to pray they will recive benifit regardless because they are the ones who taught you to do this or if they donated their money to a mosque or school etc everytime somone learns somthing there or somone prays in the mosque they will recive benifit so there are many ways to help you parent continue to recive hassanat and good deeds but praying every prayer for them wouldnt be one of them there is a special 2 sunnah prayer that you can do in the middle of the night for them as the prophet did for the sahaba and there is janaza which you probably already did and any duaa you make for them will also give them good deeds.

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you can still see others even if your not in the same level as them you are allowed to go to their property if they invite you and also i heard that everyone goes to friday prayer and you can see them there

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and prophet muhammad never saw allah face to face no one has ever seen Allahs face and no one will untill judgment day he heard allah not saw Allah

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I didn't get that "face to face" part out of the Koran I got it out of a book refering to the story in the Koran. I should have looked it up in the Koran before I wrote it down.

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Auzubillahiminasyaitanirajim..astagfirullahalazim.. we as muslim should not be arrogant in ours daily life. what we do in our short time in this life is Allah s.w.t decision to punish us in the Resurrection day.. we dont know yet whether we in which level or something..wallahutaalaalam.. so be humble to Him The Most Meryful.. insyaAllah he will forgive you and all muslimin and muslimat in this whole world..amin yarabbiyal alamin.

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asalaam aleykum; we muslims in our daily Prayers ...these few phrases...always do come from our hearts as RABI GHFIR LIY WA RAHMNIY WALI WALIDAYA KAMA RABAYANII SUGHARAA

as stated by a member above:

that we don't know where that soul is resting for the time being.

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Why not? When our parents invest in us by taking care of us, educating & settling us, they deserve to be rewarded in the form of such a simple thing as prayer, two rakat nafil begging Allah to protect them in the grave & grant them place in the paradise is all that we can do. Anyways, out of the three things that can help the dead, the first one is the children & their good deeds that go in favour of those who gave birth to them. Lets do that for them, please & plead Allah to have mercy on them.

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I am of the opinion that it is our obligation tp pray for our parents, teachers and all those who did any good for us during their lifetime. Surely, this prayer will benefit them, inshaAllah.

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