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Assalamu Alaikum ,

I've some questions , please help me and let me know my answers with authentic source.

I am basically from India. I heard about Jamat and everything. whereas now in Ireland, they all people are saying its all 'BIDA'. I was performing 20 Rakah't Tarawih in India while here they pray 8 Raka't and saying it is the right way. If it is then why in Makkah & Madina all perform 20 Rakaht ?? I am so much confusing that whom should i follow ?? that my home country or here. Apart from this, after Tarawih , here they perform Wit'r 3 rakah't with 2 part like first 2 raka't and then after 1 while in india we performed 3 Rakah't together.Not only this but here people are saying Book named Fazail-e Amal is fake. It has no authentic source. If it is true then why all people from India read it ? I dont know what to do. I am so much confuse , i can't figure out this problem that whom should i believe. Please help me.

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please help...

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Each pray of taraweeh is 2 rakaht not 3 rakaht Also don't read any book i dont know who wrote this book If have problem ask me for more explain

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Look my dear Who told you that it's right to do it 8 rakaht it's true but they forget to tell you or they don't know that taraweeh can be more or less then that it's ip to you It depends on how much you can pray so pray it much you can Im muslim saudi woman♄ Allah bless you my sister

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about the first two questions either is alright none is rong i don't know about the book though

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