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if you choose to be a second wife do u have to receive an equal deal? what if the second wife doesnt want to be housed or to see him everyother day etc. anyone knw the ruling?

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you can hve multiple wives but there should be a good reason like one cant have a child the firt one isnt taking care of you children proberly a women needs some fanincial support or one just simply dosent listen to you or your wife isnt satisfing you you shouldnt have more that one if you are perfectly happy and the other women needs no support

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The first wife and the second wife they both have equal rights and the husband is not allowed to give more rights to one of them only and less to the other and if he does that he will face a heavy penalty at judgment day and he will not be able to stand up straight.

As for the wife's they can give their rights away just like dropping and forgiving the rights she has over the husband when he married they both agreed to certain Dowrey whether be money, jewelry and so forth, so here she is allowed to give her rights away, therefore, since the wife has the right to drop this rights of hers she can also give her rights away to the other wife whether be the first wife giving her rights to the second or the second one giving her rights away to the first wife.

There is also a Hadith which says, one of the Prophets [salallahu aleyhi wasalam] wife when she got older she told the Prophet she gave her days to Aisha, therefore, giving her rights away to one of the other wife, and may Allah be please with the mothers of the believers. To answer your question yes one of the wife can give her rights away to the other wife and Allah knows better.

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Wa salamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu

Jazak Allah khair for answering this for me. In sha Allah i will inform my sister :-) i appreciate it very much Alhamdulillah

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May Allah reward you for seeking knowledge as the one who seeks knowledge is most beloved to Allah and the Angels lower their wings for the seeker Insha'Allah make Du'a for me.

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Being good wife/righteous wife(solehah) hadith: Rasulullah SAW said that means: "When a wife passed away and her husband pleased with her, she will enter Paradise."

Narrated by Tirmidhi and Ibn Majah

Description Teaching Hadith: i) Islam already outlines the roles of husband and wife clearly where the husband must be willing to run the household and the wife is to be prepared to obey the orders of her husband. ii) the son heaven is at his mother feet, while heaven is when the wife obey her husband. Obedience here means obedience to the orders and requirements, except when her husband asked his wife to commit sin. It ranks second after obey Allah and His Messenger. iii) the devotion of his wife closely related to the personality of her husband in the husband's authority lies not in physical strength but in faith, knowledge and patience. Only then leadership becomes more established and respected his wife .. iv) The key is understanding the household harmony between husband and wife. Thus Islam have suggested that the dream must find a wife from among women who have four good characteristics such as good descent, good looks, wealth, and strong faith. But that should prevail is the solehah (believers) so easy for educated and other marital problems can be avoided, such as his wife's ill conduct, etc. .. v) Every Muslim women should be aware of the rights outlined by Islam in so as not to obey her husband confusion to be a victim of abuse by husbands who are not liable. Therefore a righteous wife is the sense of representing women who are knowledgeable and believe. Thus the household is always peace and happiness.

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