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My sibling wants to attend her school prom today, there will be music, entertainment etc. firstly, she is fasting and now wanting to go regardless. what is my obligation as an elder to her?? do i allow her to make her own decision? or stop her from going completely. (she is 16)

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Yes I will do the same I am 15 year girl if I was fasting and I really wanted to go the prome first I will say to myself why I fasten why should I suffer my stomach of hungry if I want to bad things in Ramadan. Sister I will say this just try to advice her tell her it haram bc u mixing with different age and sexes plus you know how friend are like in theses day there are forcing people to do things which they don't like and in prime some teacher can be drunk as I hearth my my catholic friend who said there.

Advice her as much ad you can Hope that work thank you sweet sister Re,ember me in ur dua

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By Allah she should not go. Where are her parents? And yes I would keep her from going. As this is a celebration of kufir. As you said there will be music, dancing, mixing of sexes all these things about it are haram. Salam

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