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It has been 7 days I started my Wazifa. Today, I searched the internet to learn more details about it & found out many conditions that I didn't know, though I myself tried to be very perfect in it, like clean place, same time daily and etc. Now I have to confirm some conditions:

• First, is it necessary to be alone in the room? Or is it just because we don't loose our concentration? Because I do my Wazifa when my sister is sleeping in the room after fajar. If it is necessary so will my Wazifa be accepted as I was not alone in the room. Should I start over again?

• Secondly, I read that if we are doing Wazifa daily we shouldn't give a gap, otherwise we have to start again. I was reciting Surah daily but as my exams are starting, can I give the gap of 2 days in it?

• Thirdly, is it forbidden in Islam to do Wazifa for marriage to a particular person?

• Will it cause any problem or opposite reaction if not done properly?

• I also read something that we get surrounded bu muakkils & they tease us. Is it true?

First, you have to be alone if possible. If that's not possible, then you can just do it. Second, you can't take any gaps, talk or do any hand gestures. If not done properly, then it won't be granted. Don't know bout the muakils thing, and didn't understand the marriage thing (sorry). For more go on Salam.

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AssalamuAlaikum everyone

First of all, Im not salafi or a sufi. I am a Muslim. I believe in la ilaha illallah muhammadur rasoolullah.

We should all try to follow the Sunnah of Rasoolullah Sallalahu Alaihi wasallam.

After my brief search of the internet and after going to the site mentioned above (which @answerer put with a good intention of helping), I was shocked to find things that are not from Islam.

For example, if says things like:

  • ..there is no mention in hadis about the number of times we have to read those duas. This information was revealed by the sufi saints or Auliya Allah. (This is not Islam. Rasoolullah sallallahu alaihi wasallam said "There is not one thing that shall bring you closer to the Paradise and away from the Fire without me having informed you of it, and there is not one thing that will take you away from paradise and towards the fire except that I have warned you about it.")

  • Anyone who will do any wazifa for an unislamic reason, the angels of the wazifa will destroy his life. (Where is the proof from the Quran or the sunnah? This is not Islam)

  • Mizar of My Master, Murshid, Molayi, Owner of my Heart, Soul and Body (referring to someone other than Allah. This is not Islam)

  • You must send all savab / Hasana of what ever wazifa you do, to him (a person)first. Only then the wazifas will work. (This is not Islam)

All of these are clearly NOT the teachings of Islam and of la Ilaha Illallah Muhammadur Rasoolullah.

Therefore, I urge the brothers and sisters NOT to perform these actions that some people say brings this and this reward if it was not mentioned by Rasoolullah (Sallallahu alaihi wasallam)

After all, do we do all the sunnah?? How much will we benefit if we just did the sunnah! But instead of focusing, shaitan makes us distracted by fooling us into thinking what is not from the sunnah will bring more reward. Actually it may be a SIN and bidah so stop.

Therefore sister, if what you are doing has no basis in the Sunnah, then STOP the wazifa and focus in doing what is sunnah. Some/all of conditions mentioned - Are these derived from the sunnah or the Quran? If not, then stop. And Allah knows best.

Please make dua for me questioner and brother answerer. Hope you accept my answer. I pray Allah saves us from misguidance.

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