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Assalam Alaykun, How will property left behind by the deceased be shared between the male and female children? Ma a salam. Abdur_rahman from Nigeria.

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i heard the boy gets twice as much as the women because he has a family to support and i think the matirerialistic objects can be given as the couple instructed but the spouse can always say on their behalf if they didnt instruct anything and if anyone isnt in need of what the parents left behind they can give it to somone else for example my grandmother passed away my uncle got 9 thousand and my aunts got 3 thousand my uncle was given an extra share becasuse one of the siblings didnt need it aand my father and other uncle donated all they recived in her name bcause they didnt need it and the clothing was given to charity and everything else is with my grandfather other than the gold which she said for them to do as they please with it

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