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assalam walaikum! i am a 27yrs old muslim man and in love with a 36yrs old muslim women havin two kids. The primary reason i want to marry her as she is very religios and want to support her and kids and give them enough love care and support for the sake of allah.even she has her consent but due to society she is afraid to tk a decision and as she is still in touch wid her in-laws she thinks even they will not like it and may take away the kids from them and do something bad.and even her parents though they may allow are afraid of in-laws and society.she even counselled a maulana and he gave a negative reply to not go ahead.plz guide me on dis.

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The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) married Khadijah radiAllahu 'anhu....and she was nearly....15 years older than him....

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Marriage in Islam doesn't have age limits, except if one of them didn't hit puberty or grow up yet.

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The Question is relevant to my question but I want to know further that if I can keep the marriage in secret?

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