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1-I read in Quran, about the women, who a man have the ownership of them. Man can marry if there is no free Muslim women, and they are categorized as a lesser quality of a person. Please explain?? 2- Kaniz, is it the same as slave, if it is, means Islam, allows slavery??

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Hi dear friend. Islam does not agree with slavery.At the time of Prophet Muhhamad there were many kinds of slavery and the rich took the poor or black as slave, they behaved them cruelly.After the prophecy of Muhhamad(peace be upon him), slavery and cruel behavior were condemned, and the only type of accepted slavery was the captives of wars(either man or woman).Prophet gave every muslim a slave to help them in their affairs.But it didn't mean that they were allowed to behave them in every way they want.Prophet command to the owners that they must give the slaves enough food and covering.They must not hit the slaves for any reason. They should educate them and help them to marry and finally it was better for them to make the slaves free.So when we speak about Kaniz or Mavali we speak about a person with these rights.In islam one of the things people can do for the rependence of their sins, is freeing the slaves.You can read about the behavior of Prophet and Imams versus the Kanizes and compare that with the behavior of non muslim Arabs(Arab Jaheli).It helps you to understand much more about the slaves condition before and after islam.

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