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I have recently made a statement that I think might have taken me out of Islam.

I was confused with the differing views in Islam (Sunni, Shia, Sufis, Quranist, etc) that I thought was similar to divisions in other religions such as Christianity. When someone then asked me if I am a Muslim, I replied that I did not know whether I was a Muslim and preferred to live and worship God without being attached to any particular religion.

I have made a grave mistake and I do not want to loose my faith.

My question is how I can repent (what I need to do) so Allah will accept my repentance.

Please help me.

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Saalam brother,

First of all remember Allah is always near and that Allah is the merciful and forgiver of all. Islam is a vast religion therefore enter it with gentleness. We all have confusions and doubts about our religion at some point, however at this time we are easy to be approached by Satan ( always beware of Satan) because we lake Iman, therefore we need to handle this issue immediately.

Here is the answer for How to repent to Allah?:

Read Salat ( If you don't already start by reading one pray and progressing)

Go to your local mosque and ask to speak to a knowledgeable person

Spend time with muslim's ( maybe join an Islamic group)

Read the Quran ( also read the Quran in english so you understand it better)

Follow the teachings and foot-steps of the prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H)

Make it a goal to find out about different sections of Islam ( you may find you prefer one to another)

Dedicate some time in your day to Allah, talk to him and pray. ( Try and build a connection with your Lord)

Inshallah you will find this useful. May Allah guide you always on the right path. Ameen.

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