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Asalaamalekum, Scenario: Mosque in our colony has only one entrance to mosque for ground as well as 1st floor of mosque. That means it would be the same entrance for both men and women. There is a school very near to mosque and the position is as such the jamath standing in school would be behind the position of imam standing in the mosque. There are also speakers attached in school for audibilty. My question is according to the situation mentioned above is it ok for women to read taravi namaz making the jamath in school listening to the imam standing in mosque?

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Salam. Is there a sister's section in the masjid? If there is, than there is nothing wrong with using the same entrance. Anyways, it is allowed for the sisters to pray at the school while following the imam. Taraweeh is an optional salat that can be done wherever

Hope this helps. Allah knows best

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I would suggest that women pray their taraweeeh namaaz in their houses. Thts the best thing to do,

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