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Is Listening to instrumental music without any vocals permitted in Islam?

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    The things that make music haram in Islam are wrong usuage of language and referring to haram subjects. Musical instruments are haram too. So the anwser to your question is, no instrumental music is haram. If you like music try Nasheeds they are fun and educating.

May peace and blessing from our Lord be upon you.

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Walaikum Salaam!

Should you choose to respond please try and be constructive. How would your statement reflect with the video below?

Nasheeds may be fun, but the purpose of my query serves a different purpose precisely to instruments.

Your concern is appreciated, I am only looking for a detailed response.

(Jul 21 '13 at 20:31) rashaad rashaad's gravatar image

Assalaamu alaykum from my knowledge the prophet sallallahu allahi WA Salam prohibited instruments save the duff. So no instrumental music is not permitted.

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