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Did the prophet really marry Aisha at age 9 but did not have inter course with her until she was mature enough?

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Regarding underage and forced marriages "O you who believe, it is for not legal for you to inherit women against their will. And don't make it difficult for them so you can take from what you have given them (marriage dowry) unless they commit open immorality. And live with them in goodness (Al-Marufi). Because if you dislike them, it could be you dislike something and Allah makes in it a lot of "khair" (good)." [Noble Quran 4:19]

And regarding the relationship between prophet Muhammad صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم and Aisha ra I advise you to read up on it yourself rather than believing in everything you hear. this link should help you.

Allah hu alim

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