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if a man has a problem of passing a drop of urine while praying is his namaz and wuduu gets cancel or not

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Yes wazu will break If urine really comes out. But It doesnot comes out , just you feel/think that it has occur then wazu will not break.

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Agree to the comment above. My brother just a reminder when we use the toilet to urinate we should crouch or sit down we should sit for a bit and cough 3 times in order to empty it . We then wash the area.Nowdays people rush and even stand up. The other point is if dryou are drinking coffee or other drinks we might also might not observing moderation.The rule or law is everything is a cause and effect.You get what you do

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If and but ...are from shaitan .person urinates and passes wind . What do you think .A person who uses haram earnings to purchase clothes and eat food his prayer doesnt go very far so what do think?

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