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Assalamualaikum, I have read Hadiths, which tell us to hide our good deeds from public and do it only for Allah's pleasure. If we do it for praise then our real intentions will be shown in qayamat. To what degree should it be hidden. Can I share it with my parents, so that they feel proud of me or can a wife share it with her husband, to seek his pleasure?

Regards, Shadab

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i dont know about that, but i know when giving zakat sometimes you should do it so others can see becuase that makes them want to give also.

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You should hide your good deeds from everyone as this action is just for the pleasure of Allah...this action is just between you and your Lord !

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Nono... You can show people your good deeds, just don't do these good deeds to show-off, but you know it yourself in your heart what you did it for. But afterwards you don't have to hide them, just don't show them off for your glory.

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