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How is it that the Prophet saws never has implemented a monarch in Islam but when we look around the Muslim world that is all we see this practice is being done.those that are doing this are they upon the sunnah?

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if it wasn't implemented by the prophet sallallahu allahi wa salam then NO the people practicing it are not upon the sunnah .

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It is a known fact that a monarch is forbidden in Islam. So my question to any scholar that is being paid by those that are openly being fasiq what is your fatawa on this? If any scholar that does not speak out against this can I take from him? Is it not a little hypocritical not for the knowledgable not to speak on this, but in the next breath I'm to accept a ruling from them? salaam

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True it is a known fact that no one speaks about.

(Aug 07 '13 at 02:09) yaqin ♦ yaqin's gravatar image

It's a known fact? Can you provide any evidence from the hadith or Quran to back this up? (apologies, but I genuinely don't know)

(Aug 07 '13 at 16:07) MSS MSS's gravatar image
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