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I always liked girls,and i still like them but not like in past ,I hate gays and i hated them but now i dont know was happening in my mind and so confused ,i dont want to be gay :( Help plss I dont wont to be Allah's worst creation,and my target is Jannah and when i grow up i want to have children and wife so plss help

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Do not worry it's a phase we all go through at these young ages which we get confused on our sexuality, always remember that Allah created women and men so that they like each other not their same gender. Also try and read Quran a lot it helps you so that the devil doesn't play with your mind. And don't think too much about it. I hope I helped you at least a little good luck :)

(Jul 22 '13 at 04:28) AllahuAkbar AllahuAkbar's gravatar image

it made me cry once when i was thinking before sleep for this.I am so afraid :(

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Listen to me brother, don't try and think too much about such things, you're still young for all of this trust me it will change by time, and I've told you that the devil tries to toy with our feelings and especially our sexuality, just always read Quran and remember that it's just a confusion, I had the same issue when I was your age, but I reminded myself that it's not real and then i started thinking the right way. I will pray that Allah helps you Inshallah brother.

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i am afraid because they say it is illenes and science say that they are born like that and thats why i am afraid :(

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Being gay is wrong, scientists are lying they are trying to use science to make you believe that these things are true, besides if you're born that way, why would Allah forbidden it? ask yourself this question. Allah wouldn't forbid or punish you for something that you're born with, Islam is religion of justice not the opposite. Don't listen to these people who are trying to destroy Islam slowly, read the Quran and listen to Allah dear brother, don't let them shake your faith.

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Thank you brothers for all your answers and comments ,Allah helped me and i dont have this thoughts anymore :) Elhamdulillah

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Mate, just try to remind yourself that being gay is against our religion. Allah made it forbidden for a reason. Being straight guarantees the progress of our human nature. Think deep inside you you'll find the answer to these since clews, if it is right people getting born this way, why don't woman-men getting pregnant from the same gender?

Best regards.

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Listen, I want you to do one thing fro me, ask yourself: is this the right thing to do? is being gay right? please brother ask yourself this question and don't rush the answer for, don't think about what other people think, what do you think?

Keep your connection with Allah and keep on praying and not thinking about this for to long. Also try doing Salat Al Istekhara before you go to sleep and when you're done Inshallah ask allah if this is right and go to sleep, I hope he can help you from falling into this trap.

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Brother,I know it isn't right but it confuses me that @badtooth comment on the answer and i said i dont want to be gay i want to have a wife in the future and kids :)

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and @AllahuAkbar how much time is that phase ,is it 1 week,1 month or maybe one year or more?

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I'm glad that you don't want to, good for you. And to answer your question I think that it depends, some people have it for a month some for a few weeks, I've had it for almost a week and half and then it was all gone.

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thank you bro :)

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You are good muslim because you have your own purpose which is having children and janah inshalla You are 13 you are growing up now to be come a man so these emotion happend because your body is transform from child to man so these not problem this is adulthood ,everyone had problem in this phase don't worry It will be difficult in the begining to control your body try to ignore this and pray and ask allah to let this confusion go away from You are realy good muslim because you want allah be please ,you'll be great father

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My dream is to have children and go pray to Allah with them toghether and to learn them about islam,thank you brothers :)@AllahuAkbar @walaa @OpenYourMind

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can someone give me email to chat whit him about this ,i dont want this what is happening in my mind,i dont like this feel :((((((

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go to the community board. there you can click on someone's name, like sadie or a_mohammad and personal message them. or paulus113. i would stay clear of yaqin or irfan alam.

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@islaminmyhear, my facebook address is here you can email me there.

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acept my friend request

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