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the reason why i am asking this question is because i am feeling extremely depressed to the extent of having thoughts of injuring myself astaghfirullah. May Allah guide us all. i am a boy and i am 15 years old. I do my salah reguarly and i aim to qatam quran regularly too. i am in a relgious family. therefore like all of you i am a similar muslim but in need of help. recently, i have been getting scolded by my parents a LOT. when they scold me they call me useless, no use etc. it makes me feel very bad and i feel as if everything i do is wrong. i wanna ask for any ways to cure depression. please help. i need it urgently. thank you.

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I've had the same issue myself and i'm 15 years old as well I have my good and bad times like everyone else, at a point I started to feel useless too and have though of injuring myself too but did it only once and then I realized that Allah is there, I don't remember when but one day I just thought that if maybe I don't need people to like me or help me, all I needed is to have a god connection with Allah.. So I thought if Allah is there to listen to me then I should listen to him to, I started reading Quran more, and I try to actually feel what it means. Ever since I feel much better like I don't need anyone. Also you should try and read Surat Ya'sin and Al-baqrah, they can light up your mood. And remember that Allah Inshallah will make you go to Jannah if you have patience and keep on believing on him. I hope that you Inshallah feel much better and always stay that way and that I helped you.

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Ask allah for help and try to do right to avoid scold Allah is with you my dear

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i think you should communicate with your parents and find out all those weakness for what they are calling you useless and try to overcome those weakness.

Ask Allah for your help

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1 You need to discover what really makes them scold you. Maybe you're doing something they don't want you to do.

2 Try to speak to them. Try to let them know that you're upset about the way they are treating you.

3 If none of these really helped, try to speak to one of your relatives. Someone they do respect. He probably will talk to them and advise them not to hurt you again.

Please brother, keep your Imaan strong and be patient. Ask Allah for help. Don't ever think of self-harm. Don't try to solve a problem with another. And don't forget that parents do have the right to treat you well, but there are some reasons that make them do the opposite. They love you. They really do. You're so lucky to have them both. Be thankful and patient brother, please.

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